Frequently Asked Questions

Long Distance

Is there a monthly fee for long distance service?

No, we do not charge a monthly fee. There is a one-time sign up fee, after which you only get charged for the duration of the long distance calls you make.

How do I sign up for long distance service?

Simply contact one our friendly customer service representatives toll free at 1-800-653-4400. They are here to answer any questions you may have, and get you started with great service.

What other fees am I charged for long distance?

We, like all carriers, have mandated State and Federal fees. You will be charged an Oklahoma Universal Fund fee, a CLD Federal Recovery fee and a Federal Universal Fund fee, as well as taxes. The amount of these fees change as required by the State or Federal government. Please contact our office for current fees.


What kind of DSL modem can I use?

Any g.lite modem will work.  Please notify the local office regarding your modem prior to long distance set up, so that it may be programed accordingly.

Can I check my e-mail when I am traveling, or not at my computer?

Absolutely! Simply access and log on to check your mail.

Do you have tech support?

Yes! Our savvy technical support can be contacted at 800-687-0173, Monday - Friday, 8am-10pm and Saturday, 10am - 10 pm. Our offices are closed on Sundays.

Is there a charge for tech support?

No! We provide tech support free of charge to all of our valuable customers.